Camillo Gonsalves in AG’s Chambers
Local Vibes
September 2, 2005

Camillo Gonsalves in AG’s Chambers

The name Gonsalves has been quite familiar to Vincentians, first in relation to the Liquor store, and the black wine that has been one of the specialties at Christmas.

But more recently the surname became associated with politics as over the past 37 years, Ralph Gonsalves has been a political activist, university lecturer, lawyer, opposition leader, and since March 28 2001, Prime Minister. {{more}}

Now another Gonsalves is making the rounds. This one is Camillo, the first born son of the Prime Minister.

Camillo, born of a Jamaican mother, from Dr.Gonsalves’ first marriage seems set to join his father on the Vincentian front as he is about to take up duties in the Attorney General’s Chambers.

That announcement came last Sunday at Calliaqua as Camillo, dressed in a red T-shirt, with a portrait of Argentina-born revolutionary fighter Ernesto Che Guevara on it, was introduced to the Calliaqua crowd.

Dr. Gonsalves expressed happiness with having his son with him and traced Camillo’s academic background. The young man was trained at the George Washington Law School in the United States and practiced in that country before attending the Norman Manley Law School in Jamaica where he was called to the bar.

Dr. Gonsalves referred to Camillo as “rootical,” a trait which the PM ascribed to heredity.