Local Vibes
September 2, 2005
Beenie Man for Victoria Park tonight

He goes by several titles: King of the Dancehall, the Maestro, Gal Dem Sugar, the Doctor; but his real name is Moses Davis, aka “Beenie Man.” However, don’t be fooled by his name, there is nothing small about this dancehall artiste, in fact his music is mega in every sense of the word.

Come Friday September 2 at the show dubbed Bubblicious 3, he will be giving off his energetic vibes at the Victoria Park. Trust me, if you ever saw this Jamaican Dancehall entertainer, you know that he delivers the goods. He will be performing with the Shocking Vybes and Rough Cut Crew to take Vincentians to the peak of a musical high.{{more}}

When asked on a radio interview on Hot 97.1, what locals could expect of him, Beenie Man responded, “I would be offering nothing but the best of Beenie Man, everything that I do and ever did, I was born to do. My music is all I do.”

Beenie has been known to collaborate with artistes like the Neptunes, Irv Gotti, Little Kim, Mya, Wyclef Jean and Janet Jackson, just to name a few.

But before the big musical scene, Beenie Man was a tiny five-year-old when he first grabbed the microphone and hit the stage, hence his stage name.

At eight, he did his debut single called “Too Fancy” but today it’s his song writing talent and lyrical spitting skills that set him apart from many other artistes, many of them even trying to imitate the Guru.