Back to School Hair Tips
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September 2, 2005
Back to School Hair Tips

• Do refrain from pulling hair too tightly. This leads to breakage and permanent hair loss.

• Do remember to treat (deep condition) hair if it is braided or relaxed.

• Do moisturize hair regularly even if natural. Hair that is not moisturized gets dry and breaks easily.

• Do wash hair regularly, even if braided. If you don’t you will develop a dry, unhealthy scalp which can lead to hair loss. Plus, dirty hair is not pleasant to be near to. {{more}}

• Don’t leave braids in your hair for more than two months. Hair will start locking if you do.

• Don’t add colour to hair, or use brightly coloured braided extensions or weaves. Leave something to look forward to when you grow up. Plus, you might be breaking the school rules.

For younger children, natural hair styles are recommended. Two strand twists or cornrows are popular, low maintenance ways to style children’s hair. If properly maintained, these styles can last up to two weeks. Remember to cover hair at night, and moisturize regularly.

For schools that allow braided extensions, this style provides a low maintenance, yet trendy way for teenagers to wear their hair. These styles should last up to 2 months if properly maintained. Braids should never be too tight, as this can cause permanent hair loss. Remember to moisturize and wash your braids regularly to maintain healthy hair and scalp.

Relaxing provides another alternative for older girls. Most schoolgirls with relaxed hairstyles wear it pulled back in one. Try not to pull it back too tightly, as this can cause tension on the hairline. Relaxed hair should be wrapped at night. Roller setting takes too much time away from the books, and can be uncomfortable and may produce tension along the hairline. Wash hair at least once a week, treat twice a month, and relax every six weeks.

Older teens may wish to consider a short and sassy natural. Nothing can be easier to maintain. This option is especially attractive for active teens involved in sports, as hair washing is a breeze.

Children who go to the beach or pool should saturate their hair with deep moisturizing treatments (eg. Olive oil) before going swimming.