Two Vincy artists Born to Express
Local Vibes
August 5, 2005
Two Vincy artists Born to Express

During the week of July 25 to August 2, Heritage Hall in the old public library was home to an impressive exhibition – “Born to Express” which featured 41 pieces of art by budding artists Racquel Lewis and Dane Jack.

Their creations, which were professionally framed and hung, are all, according to Lewis, classified as abstract-expressionist. This means that as artists, they see “beyond the obvious physical form of an object.” {{more}}

For Lewis, a 21-year-old Villa resident, this was the second public showing of her work. She had 16 pieces on display under the themes, “romance” and “religion.”

Her affinity for collages was obvious in the choice of material used for her work. “I like the texture and movement of collages, she said. In addition to oil paint, Lewis uses fabric such as burnt canvas and mesh and other materials like candle wax and leaves to bring her creations to life.

Those paintings which fall under the theme of “religion” explain her relationship with God, Lewis said. And when examined closely, one could see a wine glass and candle holder in most of the paintings which fall under the theme of “romance”. She explains, “I love telling stories, it is not just about painting a picture, it is about who you are and what you believe in. It is not commercial. It represents who I am.”

Lewis describes herself as a professional artist as painting is her full time job. She admits that the response from the general public has been mixed. According to Lewis, “only persons with good analysis and reading skills have patience and time to ask questions and interpret the art on their own. Some people are not accustomed to this type of art, it looks distorted to them. Our culture is accustomed to impressionist art “the obvious.”

Of the persons who do appreciate her art, Lewis says that most cannot afford to make a purchase. Her pieces range in price from EC$400 to $1000. She does not intend to lose hope however. “My career is on a spiritual level. You have to have faith that God will bring the persons who have the money to buy the paintings.”