Dane – the Jack of Art
Local Vibes
August 5, 2005
Dane – the Jack of Art

Teacher Dane Jack, the other artist behind the July 25 to August 2 art exhibition, sees himself as somewhat of an experimenter. He experiments with various natural materials such as sand, ground up leaves, fermented fruit and vegetable skin mixed with paints and natural stains like breadfruit stain to achieve the effect he wants in his artistic works. {{more}}

He likes his paintings to give a “calming outlook”, which he says ties in with his spirituality. “I try to give my work a Heavenly flavour.”

A prominent theme in several of his pieces is the moon, which he says is deliberate. “I have been fascinated by the moon since I was a child. I see myself as a moon figure in society. Jesus Christ is like the sun, and the moon reflects the light of the sun. I was put on the earth to reflect the light of Jesus Christ to my fellow men.”

His paintings also portray other aspects of his life, like basketball, his favourite sport; the view of the sea from his home village of Stubbs, and magnified plant cells. He describes his paintings of plant cells as “rhythm in natural forms.”

His 25 pieces range in price from EC$350 to $1500 and carry names such as “Breaking through.”

The 23-year-old devout Christian has been teaching science at the St. Joseph’s Convent Kingstown for the past two years. He, like Racquel Lewis, is a former student of A’level Art at the SVG Community College.