Maxi Priest pleases crowd
Local Vibes
May 6, 2005
Maxi Priest pleases crowd

Vincentians were maxed out by sensational performance by the dread locked, Jamaican born supper smooth song bird Maxi Priest.

His impressive vocal cords had the ladies screaming for more and the guys bumping to the vibes of even “Ska” music. Despite the moderate crowd, Maxi did not cheat the audience by “chopping his tunes” as most singers/artistes usually do. {{more}}He sang his classic tunes like “Just a Little Bit Longer” and came right up with more recent songs like “That Girl” and other new releases for 2005. Accompanied by a dub artiste who also wooed the ladies, by “wining and grinding” it was however obvious that Maxi was the star of the show. Accompanied by his back stopping band he sounded just like the CD. He even invited a few to “bubble” with him on the stage, but his performance was too short. Max, dripping with sweat, bent down to the stage to have a lady at the front of the audience to dry him with her tissue. He wrapped up the session with “Say a Prayer for the World” a powerful song that sent spiritually positive vibes across the Arnos Vale Netball Complex. But at the end of his performance one lucky lady caught his towel which he threw out in the audience…I’m sure she was the envy of every other lady in the audience.

There were perfromances from Abuza who, as usual, gave a commendable performance and had people singing along to his tunes. Skinny fabulous too was okay but could have been better and signal who at first started off with great tunes backed up by lone female Cornisha Cooke. Lead male singer “Luta” needed to re-think his lyrics about a hen which was in poor taste for an evening where people were looking forward to appreciate music not slackness.

• Photo by Freddie Finch