• SEARCHLIGHT meets Miss SVG beauties
Local Vibes
May 6, 2005

• SEARCHLIGHT meets Miss SVG beauties

Dorcel John of Bequia, hairdresser

You have so much going on in your life?

Yeah, my involvement with netball and basketball began in secondary school, it helps to keep my body trim and firm but they both have different rules (smiles), which can be challenging. In both games I am defender and I guess that’s how I am in life. {{more}}

Explain what you mean by that?

I am a person of style and class and I love to take care of myself and I love to show others too. Nails should be done; hair should be done. The ladies need to look and feel good about themselves, no matter how they look. Ladies in St.Vincent are getting into it and that’s good.

What are some of the things you like to eat?

Coming from the Grenadines I eat lobster, conch and fish, yeah (giggles) I’m a more sea food kind of person because my father is a fisherman and I have friends who also send conch and other good stuff for me and tell me, you have to look good on the stage so you have to eat that. And I love fruit and vegetable salads. Sometimes I eat a little corn curls and pringles but mostly I love healthy food.

What sort of beauty treatments do you do?

I do facials, pedicures, manicures and hairstyles. But I would like to do a course in massaging. I would love to be a massusse too. Because I feel good when the manicure is done because people tell me when I’m done that their feet feel so light.