Royal clash in Best New Calypso show
Local Vibes
April 29, 2005
Royal clash in Best New Calypso show

It will be a clash of royalty for the calypso version of this year’s New Song Competition. Fitzroy ‘Brother Ebony’ Joseph had the distinction of being the first New Song Competition winner two years ago. Brother Ebony with ‘Them good old days’ found favour with the judges last Saturday and is one of six challengers to defending title holder Alexis ‘Lexie’ Joseph. Marriaqua calypso King Selwyn ‘Man Jinny’ Delpesche gave a splendid rendition of ‘Road to progress.’ Man Jinny won the hearts of those at the audition and his choice in the six was regarded as a matter of course. {{more}}

Derek ‘Man Sick’ Alexander, a former South Leeward monarch, won approval with ‘Education revolution.’

Original Queen of Calypso Aloma ‘Fatty Dan’ Codougan adds to the glitter of majesty with her number ‘I experience life,’ and veteran calypsonian Quintyn ‘Toiler’ Toby,’ one with the rare accomplishment of winning the Road March and Calypso titles in the same year, completes the royal list with: ‘Caricom Single Market.’

Toiler may consider himself lucky to have been selected. He had difficulty with his lines in his first attempt, and when given a second bite, fumbled along the way.

The other finalist is Kenrick ‘Bum E’ Bowens. He also experienced difficulty attributed to a faulty sound system. But Bum-E had done sufficient to impress the adjudicators.

Seventeen persons appeared for the countdown, with four others sending submissions by recording.

The New Calypso Song competition will be staged during an all day exercise May 7.