Soca explosion Vincy style
Local Vibes
April 1, 2005
Soca explosion Vincy style

by Davrell Douglas in the UK

UK based Vincies are still talking about a massive concert held last Saturday March 19, 2005. A night to remember, one etched into a lot of minds.

The stage of Tudor Rose Club London, UK was set ablaze when it was graced by Soca Royalty from SVG, the Soca Monarchs of 2002, 2003 and 2004, Poorsah, MaddZart and Bomani, respectively. The trio took the packed hall on a journey of Soca with a distinct Vincie flavour, as presented by Hairoun Records in conjunction with Starlight Promotions. {{more}}

Before the first artiste arrived on stage DJ Roughneck already had the crowd in a frenzy, and to welcome the Soca Kings, the entire crowd belted out their own rendition of the National Anthem of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Bomani, cool and deadly had the ladies swooning with his smooth vibes. Serenading the crowd with a slightly R&B flavoured Booty Call impressed the crowd then took them in a separate direction when the tempo was stepped up and then it was Blast Off from there. Bomani ended his set being called back on stage for an encore of his hit Who am I, and made his exit via his jump into the crowd.

MaddZart then proceeded to take the crowd on an entirely new height, as energetic as he always is. He created a scene that was like a bit of Back Street on Carnival Monday, giving Vincentians away from home a taste of SVG. And for people from other countries in attendance, it was a glimpse of what they are missing out on. Those in attendance were definitely left smiling and calling for more.

When the live horns belted out the rift of Chuk it up, Poorsah had not even set foot on the stage, but was already creating havoc. After a spectacular entrance, Poorsah went on to reminisce with songs like Mouth inna me Momma, Go Right up in Dey to Hairy Bank. Name it he did it, and left the wanting crowd calling for more.

Sling Shot Crew was armed and in attendance and revelling as they heard their anthem. The first trip to UK, but definitely not the last, from the response of the UK soca massive.

All backed by UK based Soca Band, Front Page, who despite their lack of sufficient practice, held their own and even fell under the tutorage of Poorsah at times. Front Page is definitely a band with a mixture of a multi-Caribbean island union.

To sum up the night was definitely a hard job to do. Scenes outside the club after the show speak for themselves. The Club was closed and, although the majority was acknowledging the dawn that was breaking, no one was in a hurry to leave and were even dancing and chanting their own favourite tunes, reluctant to let go of the vibe.