The real Miss Big International?
Local Vibes
February 4, 2005
The real Miss Big International?

She may have won the hearts of many, and even though she is back home, the name Kahalia Beache is still being mentioned in the US Virgin Islands.

Kahalia recently returned from the Virgin Islands where she competed in the finals of the Miss Big and Beautiful International pageant.{{more}}

Kahalia, who performed at last week’s Blues Festival, came up against nine other finalists in what critics say was one of the better performance they had seen for their money in a long time.

Participants were pooled from Miss Big and Beauty winners in Tennessee USA, Dominican Republic, Barbados, Trinidad and Tobago, Puerto Rico and Santo Domingo.

Though her performance landed her the first runners-up position, reviews coming out of the BVI put Kahalia as the crowd favourite in the international event.

Her performance was peeked out of the top spot by Miss Tennessee.

In a show in which many critics did not agree with the decision by the three American judges to award Miss Tennessee the pageant title saw much disappointment among the large crowd turn out at the University Sport and Fitness centre in St. Thomas.

Giving credence to what was described as a dazzling performance by the Vincentian contestant was one of MTV’s marketing manager who personally invited Kahalia to this year’s Miss Caribbean Star Search in Puerto Rico.

Raking in US$1,500 plus prizes from the Miss Big and Beautiful pageant Kahalia at present is juggling her many options to perform in the BVI and other contracts offered to her after her performance at the international pageant.

“I was very impressed with the show’s package all of the contestants were at a high calibre,” said local co-ordinator for the Miss Big and Beautiful SVG, Pearl Williams.

“Kahalia promoted SVG and was singled out by the press in St. Thomas,” said Williams.

Williams, who accompanied Kahalia to the pageant, said “although the judges were from the US and Miss Tennessee came out the winner, a lot of people in St. Thomas were shouting for Kahalia”.

Williams had much appreciation for the National Lottery for allowing Beach to take part in the event.

“I am really looking forward for a good batch of contestants for next year’s event, just to ensure we equal Kahalia’s performance in the international show,” Williams said

Come next week Saturday, participants in last year’s event will be awarded their prizes.