Local Vibes
December 23, 2004
Baptiste given VIP treatmeant

Maxford Baptiste was the second lucky person to be given a full VIP treatment from the St. Vincent Brewery.

Baptiste, whose name was selected during the “Call for a Guiness” Campaign draw, won himself the chance to view the Christmas Carolling contest in special comfort. {{more}}

The St. Vincent Brewery will host the Redemption Sharpes resident and 12 of his friends at Wednesday’s Christmas Carolling contest at the Victoria Park.

The “Call for a Guinness Campaign” gives persons a chance to enter a draw by placing six Guinness crowns and their name, number and address in specially marked Brewery boxes at designated areas.

On Saturday 4, Kendra Rock of Gibson corner won the first draw and was treated in style at the “fair of the Year”. This time, Baptiste was given his chance to occupy the exclusive VIP boot at Wednesday’s Carolling Contest.

He had earlier commented, “I am feeling very happy … I am glad to know I am a Guinness drinker.” In the next couple of weeks two lucky persons will also get the chance to win a shopping spree and a trip to Barbados compliments the St. Vincent Brewery.