Local Vibes
December 17, 2004
Sergeant Bread slicing through

Dub artiste Roger Kenson Brandon Thompson alias Sergeant Bread just wants to make it big on the international market. So far, however, his hard work comes, “just for the love of the art as there is not much money in it”.{{more}}

The 22-year-old Stubbs resident has one brother and four sisters. He started writing songs in 1996 and began singing them in 1997 as, according to him, he took a while to get things together.

The past student of the Stubbs Primary School and St. Martin’s Secondary School, Sergeant Bread hit the dub tracks running hard from the start. His debut was with the sound system “Basics International”, but these days the energetic entertainer does his thing with producer Zoe “Great Zee” Stapleton, owner of Hysanz Studios.

Sergeant Bread is featured on a number of productions out of Hysanz Studios. “The Man From Yard” Volume One compilation has on it from Sergeant Bread “Body Parts”, while “Left That To Me” is featured on Volume Two with probably one of his biggest hits, “Any Gal”, on Volume Three. Another song “Some Of This” airs on the “Next Level” CD.

Dedicated, hardworking and a true hustler (as he likes to call himself), Sergeant Bread is looking for his break, and it’s one that he is quite sure he can get.

“Once I push at it enough,” he says, “and hold the faith I know I can do it,” although he follows up the statement with, “Once you not singing soca it’s very much harder to get the real push.”

Having performed in shows that featured colossal entertainers like Jamaicans Anthony B and Sean Paul, Sergeant Bread is bursting at the seams with talent. He currently boasts of having over 13 unreleased songs, waiting to rock the crowd.

Once Sergeant Bread is on the roster to perform, one can be assured of feeling pleased. The youngster has rocked numerous school talent shows but the one that stands out in the artiste’s mind is one held at the Geest Shed on April 4, 2002 where he entered a sound clash with music man Gamal “Skinny Fabulous” Doyle.

“The point where everyone realised my superiority is during this clash,” brags Sergeant Bread who is a member of a group called “Mad Squad”. Ever since that clash both artistes “Skinny Fabulous” and “Sergeant Bread” have a score to settle.

Sergeant Bread, who explained that he got the name through the love of dry bread and a talk he threw at a teacher while at St. Martin’s, thanks everyone who supported him (and still are) in his struggle.

“I’m not forgetting the haters,” he smiles.