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Out of the closet again

Out of the closet again

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The Closet Writers’ Collective (CWC) will again come out of the closet on Friday, 10th December 2004 when they stage a reading of original poetry and prose at The Attic Bar and Restaurant. {{more}}Sean Sutherland will provide musical accompaniment while a number of local visual artists will display their work at the event, which begins at 8 p.m.

CWC, which held its first public reading at The Attic on 22nd October before a highly appreciative, standing room only audience, say they intend to hold regular readings. They have also announced plans to invite leading Caribbean authors to participate in CWC’s events.

The group says that for 2005 they will launch a discussion game in which members of the audience will be invited to address the room on any topic, a game “intended to provide the wider Vincentian community with a forum for critical thought and informed discussion”.

The discussion game is designed to enhance CWC’s fund raising capacity. An audience member who volunteers to speak may purchase any number of minutes for his or her address at a nominal cost per minute.

Members of the audience will have a safeguard against boring speakers, as they will be permitted to buy the silence of any speaker.

The Collective, in an attempt to raise funds, will ask patrons to contribute a $5 admission fee to its events.