Kevin Lyttle gets Vibes Award
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November 19, 2004
Kevin Lyttle gets Vibes Award

International Super Soca Star Kevin Lyttle’s performance at this week’s Vibe Awards, though seemingly “hot and sizzling”, was downplayed after all media attention turned on a fracas involving music producer Dr. Dre, G-Unit’s rapper Young Buck and others.

Lyttle was given the Vibe Boom Shot Award for his Turn Me On mega hit and performed with a troupe of female that threatened to detract attention from the main act. {{more}}

This award is one of many Lyttle is expected to garner for his surprise mega hit. Now, all eyes will be turned on the Grammy Awards where for the first time, a cateogory for Soca has been introduced. Lyttle is seen as a favourte for a Grammy if all works well.

The Santa Monica Police Department issued an arrest warrant for Young Buck, for his involvement in the stabbing of a 26-year-old man at the Awards show.

Police arrested and charged the rapper after reviewing footage of the melee. They claim it includes the rapper brandishing a knife along with three other unnamed individuals.