‘Reggae Silver Lining’ show tomorrow
Local Vibes
October 29, 2004
‘Reggae Silver Lining’ show tomorrow

This Saturday the reggae drums continue to roll, just off the scene of the big Luke Dube concert. Attention will now be focused on the “Reggae Silver Lining”.

Hundreds of patrons will flock to the Arnos Vale Sports Complex to take in a culture performance from Vincentian foreign-based artiste Qshandia. {{more}}

Qshandia, popularly known for his heavy hitting conscious lyrics, is assuring his fans that Saturday’s package will be well worth the effort. Qshandia, originally from Union Island, is well known for tracks such as “Know Thyself” and “Wolf in Sheep Clothing”. He will have musical support from local upcoming singing sensation Abuzah, who will be waiting his turn on Saturday to give Vincentians a taste from his new album “Love Tell The End.”

“I would be representing the independent woman; people can expect tracks from my new album as well as some others,” Abuzah assured SEARCHLIGHT.

“It is disappointing to see when a Jamaican artiste comes here you have 10,000 people in the park, and you have eight local artistes they don’t come out… so I am encouraging everyone to come out and support this show,” Abuzah said.

Yhaphato’s “Concrete Jungle” is definitely on the item card to be performed as the young artiste is also lined up for the night’s event. “They can expect a brand new release called “Wisdom” and more tracks from me,” the youngster said. Truths and Ice is also expected to perform at tomorrow night’s event.

With only a ticket fee of $10 and a $15 door prize, “Reggae Silver Lining” will put a shinning touch on this year’s independence.