Pitbull bites hard in first round DJ clash
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September 3, 2004
Pitbull bites hard in first round DJ clash

Rochard “Pitbull” Ballah is the first round winner in the Green Synergy Eastern Caribbean DJ Competition which was held last Saturday at the Iguana Nightclub in Villa.
The competition was the first of its kind held in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Local disc jockeys 2 Kool Kris, Sergeant Simmons and Scratch Master Hectic judged the first leg of the competition.{{more}}
The competition has two more legs to go, with the winners getting the opportunity to match their skills against regional DJs in a competition which will be held in Antigua on Saturday, October 23 at the Lions Club outdoor venue.
Speaking to SEARCHLIGHT, Pitbull said that he feels confident, excited and anxious all at once.
“I am looking to go up against whoever wins the second round,” he said. He describes his performance last Saturday as energy filled, “and a breath of fresh air compared to the performances by the other DJs”.
Pitbull has been employed at Hot 97.1 FM as a Disc Jockey for the last four months.
The second leg of the competition will be held at the Iguana Nightclub on September 25 where another set of local DJs will compete against one another. The winner from the first round will come up against the winner of the second round with the overall winner fighting for a place on October 9. The triumphant DJ will journey to Antigua to do battle against regional DJs. The winner at the Antigua event will be crowned the Green Synergy DJ Champion.
From August through October of 2004, DJs on eight other islands will compete at local Green Synergy DJ events to earn the right to perform at the final event in Antigua.
Sales Representative at the St.Vincent Brewery Vance Garraway said that in his opinion, DJ Pitbull earned the first leg crown as his tunes had the crowd going. DJ Pitbull performed last out of a group of 14 other Disc Jockeys who all had ten minutes to do their stuff.
The second leg of the competition will hear performances from local talent like Kaution Sound System, Ice Kid and Third Element among others. It will also have a different set of judges.
According to Heineken Music, Green Synergy is a celebration of the diversity in music and was developed to help expose and support local DJ talent in the Caribbean.
The Vincentian who wins, will go up against DJs from Antigua, Dominica, French Guiana, Guadeloupe, Grenada, Martinique, St. Kitts and St. Lucia. DJ Big Rig, from Aruba is the 2003 Green Synergy winner.