Nolly B blown out
Local Vibes
June 18, 2004
Nolly B blown out

Fans of the popular Friday night Blow Out Hitz FM programme might not have been hearing lately the voice of Nolwyn ‘Nolly B’ Bennett, one of the main members of the DJ group.
That’s because Benneth is no longer a member of Blow Out.{{more}}
Bennett disclosed to SEARCHLIGHT on Tuesday he has terminated all relations with the group.
The young man said two years and a half ago he started the Blow Out programme on Hitz FM with three other disc jockeys who eventually left the group. He said after they left last year February he introduced DJ Blaze and Stump I.
Bennett said the programme became so popular that the management of Hitz FM decided to switch it from Thursday night to Friday. But while the group has borne fruits on air, Bennett said he had to leave because he is dissatisfied with the manner in which the other members handle the off air operations.
Bennett used the opportunity to thank Hitz FM for its support over the years and to the wonderful fans who supported him.
“I still love Hitz FM,” said Bennett.
“I feel bad though to see that I started everything and now I have to leave,” Bennett stressed.
Bennett has given his fans the assurance that they can look out for a brand new crew that will be coming soon.