Local Vibes
June 11, 2004
Shipwreck moves to the Wild West

Vincentians have an additional entertainment option during this year’s carnival festivities.
Carl O’Brien, Mark Cyrus and Tony Dacon, the group of enterprising Vincentian businessmen organized as Shipwreck, will offer entertainment to the Vincentian public with the theme, “Wild Wild West – the Good, the Bad and the Ugly”. {{more}}
Wild West will be staged on the boat Jaden T, which will be docked alongside the Chamber of Industry and Commerce Car Park.
Cyrus told SEARCHLIGHT the opening, scheduled for June 18, will feature Dominica’s WCK and Martinique’s Kali.
The following 20 days will see a number of events scheduled including performances by local acts.
He says there will be no conflict between the Carnival Development Corporation and the organisers of the Wild Wild West party. Cyrus endorsed the position that they will be working along with the CDC in order to ensure smooth running of the carnival festivity.
A variety programme is carded for the Wild Wild West, with a number of top regional bands slated to appear at the venue. There will also be entertainment for kids, though the package is not designed for total entertainment only. There will be segments for education including Red Cross information and outlines on legal issues.
The Artists Against Aids, set to perform, will endorse the healthy lifestyle with performances.
Cyrus, the driving force behind Master Room Studios, also announced plans for a Master Room Night.
The mobile communication group Digicel is working along with the Wild Wild West crew.
Cyrus is satisfied that, “So far everything is great. Everybody sees it as a positive thing.”