Baby Swift holds celebration for everyone
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May 21, 2004

Baby Swift holds celebration for everyone

Baby Swift will be staging a big celebration at Marcomay Night Club tonight.
It’s not just a birthday party –seeing that Baby Swift celebrates his birthday on Sunday –but a “celebration for everyone”. {{more}}
“It’s about celebrating everyone’s birthday, everyone’s anniversary, life and even Vincy Mas,” said the popular DJ.
“This is my way of saying thanks. Thanks for supporting, help, listening to me on the radio and looking at Jamz TV,” Baby Swift told SEARCHLIGHT.
Baby Swift says staging the big bash is his way of giving back to the nation for what “they have given to me”
“I am inviting everyone to Marcomay on Friday night, bring your crew, loved ones, family, friends and relatives,” says Baby Swift, giving the assurance that admission is absolutely free.
Baby Swift’s idea is to give Vincentians a night of fun.