LaFerne heads for Miss Universe show
Local Vibes
May 14, 2004
LaFerne heads for Miss Universe show

LaFerne Fraser left for Miss Universe beauty show Wednesday morning – a road that has only been walked by four Vincentians before her.
The twenty-year-old lass joins Gailene Collins, June Huggins, Camille Samuel and Samantha Robertson as the only five Vincentians to take part in the prestigious competition.{{more}}
Two years ago Fraser was selected to represent this country at the Miss Universe pageant when she swept both the Miss SVG and Miss Carival titles.
But she had a few setbacks as St.Vincent and the Grenadines did not have a Miss Universe Franchise. It took two years to get everything sorted out to facilitate Fraser’s participation in the event which takes place in Ecuador on June 1. She will be accompanied by linguist Carlton ‘CP’ Hall.
Fraser, who is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology in the United States, said it was always her childhood dream to represent St.Vincent and the Grenadines at Miss Universe.
“You have not seen the best of me yet,” said Fraser at a press conference as she promised to take the name of St.Vincent and the Grenadines to newer heights.
Fraser said she desired not only a good showing physically but intellectually.
“That is my job, I’m supposed to represent each of you, the entire population of St.Vincent so that people can know who we truly are and can see the beauty of our country and the beauty of the island.”
Fraser expressed thanks to her mother, the Government and the beauty show committee, for moulding her into the individual that she has become.
Minister of Tourism and Culture Rene Baptiste reminded Fraser “you are carrying on your shoulders so much more than just a beautiful face. You are carrying an entire nation, you are carrying the hopes and aspirations of a country”.
Baptiste told Fraser that she trusts her and has confidence in her to do this country proud.
Fraser will be taking a masterpiece on St.Vincent and the Grenadines created by popular artist Rowland ‘Scrapie’ Dopwell to the pageant. This will be among other gifts that are traditionally auctioned at the event.