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July 3, 2009
Kitchen Appliances Pt:2

Range or Cooktop and Ovens

More and more, homeowners are moving towards having a cooktop with double or single ovens over a single range which does both jobs at once.{{more}} One of the main reasons for this transition is aesthetics and features, moreso than cost. Buying both would require more installation work and provide more opportunity for better kitchen layout and function. The cost of either option is neither here nor there in terms of buying the appliances. Some ranges are very expensive and you can buy a cooktop and a single oven and pay practically the price for one range.

It also depends on the range you buy, of course. I must say that this is looking more at the high end ranges verses a combo cooktop with an oven. You can also pay less for a range over a cooktop with an oven. Really, you can toggle with these options and choose the scenario that suits your kitchen space.


The microwave, the dishwasher and the rangehood: All of these appliances are becoming more and more mandatory in today’s kitchen. The dishwasher is fast becoming a MUST in all kitchens and the microwave is one of the most used appliances. It almost goes hand in hand with the refrigerator, especially for the working family. The rangehood is an appliance that I recomend highly due to the fact that it is performing a task that not only gets rid of the heat and grease from the kitchen, but it also helps prolonging the life of your cabinet, specifically those around the cooktop areas. Some microwaves perform both these functions. “I prefer to have an appliance to perform a single funtion in a kitchen than those that do multitasking,” said Rayan James. He explained that if one part of that unit goes bad then you suffer the loss of the other function most of the time. There are circumstances where the best option would be to multitask rather than individualise. These are things that you can discuss with your Designer.


While you are making sure you pick out your right colour, size and price, it is more important that you ensure that your appliances are all energy saving appliances. Look for energy star rated appliances! It’s that simple.

Angelica and Rayan James

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