Kitchen Talk
September 5, 2008
Clients give thumbs up to exclusive kitchens

Article # 1

We were given an ultimatum to design a kitchen that was detailed, unique and commanding to fit in well with the house architecture. Due to the kitchen location in the house, it was also very important that the kitchen look like a piece of the furniture while at the same time making sure it is functional and multipurpose! Huge task!{{more}}

To cut a long story short, we managed to pull it off and it was a huge success for the client. This is featured on our website where you can go to have a look at it. This week we just want to let you know what the client had to say in his own words.


“I met the James’s about three years ago when they did the kitchen for my daughter in Prospect. I was so pleased with what I saw that when I began to build the following year, I contacted them to come have a look at my space and to make sure that my kitchen looks great and I also wanted a whole lot more, in terms of details and functions. In just 2 days I was shown a drawing with a proposal of the new kitchen. I did not have to change one thing. the design was bang on. Five weeks after, parts of the kitchen started arriving at the house. A spectacular sight it was, and in just about 4 days the kitchen was installed. I was pleasently surprised with the added features, the looks of the mahagony wood, the way it sits in the space almost effortlessly while serving as the kitchen, breakfast area, bar and tons of storage space and the way in which the kitchen commands itself in the space with such ease on the eyes. Then and there, I knew that this company that knows what they are about and they have the right temparament, professional approach and the technology to revolutionize the kitchen industry here in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. I had them design and work on another complicated kitchen again just last year and AGAIN! another masterpiece. I want to wish Exclusive Kitchens great succes in the future because I know the joy I feel when friends come to my home and talk about my kitchen. That is worth more than money to me”!

My name is Venold Barnwell, of Harmony Hall, and I aprove this message!

Thank you, Mr. Barnwell

As promised, we will be telling you the experiences that our customers have with us. They all have different stories and different experience with us but you’ll be hearing from them. Thanks again for reading of this this week and we will be back again next week.