Kitchen Talk
February 15, 2008
Myths to rest

Every day we receive many emails and telephone calls. These are some of the questions we answer daily:

1. How expensive are you? – We are not expensive. The more you need is the more you will pay. That is just the law of accounting or physics. If anybody tells you otherwise, you need to walk away.{{more}}

2. Do you charge a fee to come out and see the space to provide a quotation? NO, we discussed this when we had just opened. We even tried it a few times, but we ultimately decided against it. Our quotations are absolutely FREE! Also we are the only company to date in St. Vincent and the Grenadines which designs your kitchen and allows you to see a real life 3D model of it before construction begins. This is to allow you to get a feel of your new kitchen. All for FREE!

3. All solid surface counter tops are Corian – Absolutely not! As of last week, we are using LG Hi Macks. This material is not Corian and it does not contain polyester. It is actually 100% acrylic ,which means that it is very shiny and it would never crack or change colour due to heat exposure. The bottom line is, it does not cost you any more than what you would pay elsewhere.

4. Granite is the best thing in kitchens. – If you don’t cook in your kitchen – sure. If you don’t really care that bacteria will accumulate on your counter top – sure. If you don’t really care that liquid can soak all the way through it – sure. If you are rich and you just want to say you have one of the most expensive counter tops in the market – sure. But if you are health conscious, looking for durability and a counter top that would not change because of normal wear and tear in a kitchen and you do not want to make a fashion statement … do your own research.

5. Don’t you think that you are giving away too much information every week on kitchens? BIG NO! My wife and I knew the first day we open our doors here for business that we would not be able to do work for everyone, so we immediately carved out a niche market. All of our kitchens are unique, detailed, and are designed for customers who really do not want to be another statistic. But that’s just the 10% of the market. What about the other 90%? We designed this programme just for those customers. You may not want to stand out, but you at least need to know as much as you can so that you can squeeze out every ounce of your money’s worth for your kitchen. This information is to help you enjoy a better life. Knowledge is power.

Angelica and Rayan James
Exclusive Kitchens
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