Kitchen Talk
November 30, 2007
Garbage and waste disposal units

This week we had a special opportunity to go to another one of the Grenadine Islands. This time it was in Bequia. St. Vincent and the Grenadines is indeed a very beautiful country! Our client gave us a brief tour of the island, its really amazing, you can never get enough of it and the change in scenery was appropriate for us, there is so much to see in so little time.{{more}}

Keeping that note on beautiful, lets talk about beautiful things in your kitchen. A GDU (garbage disposal unit) a beautiful invention, you can build one into the cabinets, you can buy them as add-ons and you can also get one of those that works with electricity.

There is another one called the waste disposal unit. This one hooks onto the waste pipe in the kitchen and grabs up all the bits and pieces of food and junk that may go down the pipe. Beautiful.

Roll out shelves: No longer do you need to bend and stretch at the same time to reach hard to find items in the bottom of your cabinets. You can now grab onto the shelf itself and pull it along with every thing on it towards you… Nice.

24″ x 24″ tiles: Well, this is really for the customers who cannot afford solid surface tops and who do not like the grout opening on the tiles that hold a lot of bacteria. The thing is you would still have a small space between the tiles whether you use grout or not, but it would be less than normal since 24″ is almost the entire depth of the counter top… Beautiful enough….

Solid surface counter tops: This is an ultimate beauty… various colours can be used in various application, bends, curves cylindrical even on sidings. Its durable, versatile, non-porous, seamless, absolutely beautiful.

All of these are just the kitchen itself, but when you see a kitchen where all these details are pulled together with accents, colours and tit bits… ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!