Kitchen Talk
November 23, 2007
Getting kitchen ready for Christmas

Our counter tops are really making an impact here. Customers are beginning to really see the difference and they are finally realizing that it is really a good product.

This week we are still talking about some things you MUST look out for when getting your new kitchen this Christmas.{{more}}

1. Make good sure that you and your designer are on the same page with your needs, remember always that it is your money that is being spent. DO NOT leave it up to the company to put just anything in your kitchen, make sure you at least get all the basics down pact.

2. Make sure that the kitchen is properly laid out! I spoke about it a few weeks ago right here in this article; your kitchen can feel very non-functional, imposing and jammed up if all the right things are in all the wrong places.

3. Do not get too excited because of the oncoming Christmas season and spend more for your kitchen than is really necessary. Kitchens are naturally expensive but don’t get caught up in spending more than you have to.

4. Unless you are going to change out your kitchen in the near future, DO NOT get any MDF for your cabinets. They are supposed to be cheaper than wood but will cost you more in the long run.

5. If you are going to rip out your old kitchen and put in a new one, look at the electrical outlets and see if they were efficient the first time around, if not, move around as you see fit and put in additional ones where needed.

6. Prepare your new kitchen for modern appliances. You may not be able to afford it this year but you might next year. The thing is, when they arrive, they would just fit into place without you having to do any alteration and adjustments to your cabinets.

7. If you are on a tight budget this year and you have enough money to change either your cabinets or your countertops… change your cabinets. Use tiles temporarily until you can afford to change the countertops.

Here are a few more ideas for having the WOW kitchen this year… open up your walls where necessary, add a fresh coat of paint in the kitchen, new tiles, new cabinets and counter tops, new appliances and lighting fixtures, add a few lights in the cabinets as well.

Good luck and hope you find our information useful this week.

Talk again next week! Have a good one.