Kitchen Talk
November 16, 2007
Do I really need a new kitchen?

It has been a VERY, VERY busy and fun week for us here at Exclusive Kitchens; the first set of our modernization equipment is here. It took us a whole year of planning and financing to get up to this point; our staff is elated and we couldn’t be happier, the possibilities are endless now.{{more}} Its amazing the things you can do when you pray and put God first!

Well its coming very close to that time of the year when the husbands stay out late to avoid discussing that new kitchen for Christmas! We know how it is, its getting crazy around here already. This week, we are going to try to show you some easy and cheap ways of having a new kitchen or at least a newish one. If you must have a BRAND NEW KITCHEN for Christmas, you need to start shopping around and making preparations now. We discussed a few weeks ago that it takes at least 3-4 weeks to fully complete a kitchen, so time is going. For those of you who are not sure if you want to do a new kitchen for Christmas, here is what you do.

Take a hard look at your kitchen, shake your head, look at it again and start thinking, Do I really need a kitchen this year? Here are a few things you can talk over with the husband or that significant other. Can I just have my doors repainted or re-varnished? Then just update my handles? That can make a LOT of difference especially in a home where the kitchen has not seen an update in years! That would put some more years in the life of your kitchen. Another thing you can do is update the counter tops only.

Those houses that were built in the early years would either have tiles or Arborite on the top. You can simply update the counter top and your kitchen would take on a whole new attitude. Some kitchens look alright for their age, but you would be surprised how outstanding that same kitchen would look if you just change your appliances and upgrade to more contemporary appliances with unique physical features. Remember, even if you do change your kitchen next year, you would have already bought appliances.

Some kitchens aren’t too bad, and just need a face lift like new tiles on the floor, a back splash, a paint job on the walls, new lighting fixtures and curtains. For those homes, you should be okay. Now that you have heard what we have to say, take a long hard look at your kitchen and if you are satisfied that you need to change it out, give us a call and lets get it done!

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