Kitchen Talk
October 5, 2007
Keep your kitchen sink clean

We are so happy with all of our customers who we visit from time to time. The way they keep their kitchen is like a show room. No matter what time we pop up, the kitchens are always clean, well put together and well kept. Good for them, and good for us. It means to us that we have given them a product that they take a lot of pride in, and that is why we do what we do most of the time.{{more}}

Your garbage disposal and your kitchen sink are the two things that send out invitations to pests, roaches and termites, and tell them that it is okay to come and have a party in your kitchen. Here is a basic house rule that you and your family can adopt, if you don’t have if yet:

Never leave dirty dishes in the sink over night. Wash up all dishes after eating each meal. Your tea dishes shouldn’t meet your lunch dishes in the sink, and neither your lunch dishes meet your dinner dishes. ALWAYS keep the sink clean and free.

I know a few families who had a problem with this because sometimes the person designated to wash the dishes after a particular meal might not be around, and as a result, there is a backlog, and before you know it, the entire system breaks down. Let EVERYBODY wash his/ her plate. It’s a good practice, especially for young children. It keeps the sink clean, and it prevent rats from lingering around the yard to enter the kitchen. We’ll talk more…

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