Kitchen Talk
September 21, 2007
How should you care and maintain your kitchen?

There are some of us who have it down pact. We get Terminex or one of those termite companies to come in and spray our homes every so often. Others have maids who take care of that part of the job, and well for the rest of us, we are ourselves the Terminex and then maids. Whatever method you use to keep your home and kitchen clean, there are still a few things you need to know about how to take care of your kitchen.{{more}}

You drop it, pick it up. You wet it, dry it. You mess it up, clean it up. Most of the wear and tear on a cabinet can be avoided and dramatically reduced if those simple rules are applied on a daily basis. Clean up after yourself almost immediately. Consider this: have you ever had a pot of food overflow on your stove. and you leave it there for days before finally attending to it. What happens? I bet most of you guys can’t tell me, but the women would know that they might have to use steel wool to scrub it off because it will get black and hard. The steel wool now not only removes the spill, but scrapes off the paint from the top of the stove as well, so over time, around your burners start getting black and your new stove begins to show early signs of aging. Now, apply that same attitude to your cabinet and you can see where this is going.

Don’t use any abrasive materials on your cabinet, some cleaners clearly state on their labels that they contain abrasive resin to aid in cleaning. Don’t use those on your cabinets. They are going to scratch the paint, and over time, the cabinets are going to look dull. You would want to avoid using any form of paint thinning agents as well! Soap and water folks! Soap and water is still the best thing in kitchen. Soap and some warm water and a soft piece of cloth can do wonders for your cabinets!

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