Kitchen Talk
September 14, 2007
Locating your electrical outlets

Today’s trendy kitchens are anything but ORDINARY. A few weeks ago you might remember that we touched briefly on electrical and plumbing in the kitchen. “Of course, you don’t remember.” What was discussed was to work the electrical and plumbing around the kitchen, and not the kitchen around them.{{more}} You don’t want to see wires hanging off the walls with outlets plugged into them these days. Hide as many of these outlets as you can. Leave only the ones above the counter visible. These are the ones where you would plug in your temporary appliances.

Some of our clients don’t like the idea of putting the outlet for the refrigerator behind it. Their argument is that they might need to reach it to turn off the fridge. So for those clients, we suggest that they go inside the broom cabinet, located, most of the time next to the fridge. The key here is to hide the outlet. The one for the stove is placed in the cabinet next to the stove, not behind it, nor above it. Then comes the microwave and the heat extractor. Those are now placed inside the overhead cabinet. What that does is make sure that you don’t see any wires hanging down from these appliances.

Every thing is streamlined, straight lined, no wires, no clutter. The kitchen looks finished, soft and smooth. You would be amazed at the difference these little suggestions make. So here is more reason to meet with your designer in the early stages and plan your outlets around the kitchen.

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