Kitchen Talk
June 22, 2007
Don’t go overboard

When designing your kitchen you can’t overdo it. There is a school of thought which says to go up in height when you can’t go across in length, but the question is… how high?{{more}}

You have to be careful that you don’t have a big, bulky and clumsy kitchen cramped into a small space just to give more room for storage or for looks, you would have already maximized the use of the kitchen space the day you approved the drawings from your architect. A kitchen space is a kitchen space is a kitchen space, unless you start thinking about moving walls or getting into other areas of the house, there isn’t much you can do about it.

I met a client a few years ago who brought us a picture from a magazine to show us how she wanted her kitchen done. The thing with magazines is that you should use them for inspiration rather than replication. If you want to have it replicate then this should be discussed with the architect before hand so that he can put in the necessary walls and the cabinet builder can replicate appropriately. Don’t expect to put in the walls you want and then have the kitchen fit into it, or there may have to be some minor or major changes, which, as a result, might not have the same effect or ambiance that you were trying to create.

Kitchens add value, and sell houses, so don’t be afraid to dream big! Think big! First then negotiate your way down if you can’t have it or can’t afford it. Watch television shows for ideas, sit down with your designer and let him/her walk you through ideas, try and have your kitchen personalize to suite your family’s need rather than copying it from someone else.

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