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April 24, 2018

EC$1,000 reward for information leading to conviction of thief


I just want my computer equipment back

EDITOR: On Sunday, April 8, 2018, I understand [Name Withheld] did steal my “Life”, as it is, some 4 terabytes of data I usually carry, going back 30 years. This is a tremendous loss.

ALL of my computer equipment – a Packard Bell laptop, with Swedish keyboard, silver cover, black body; blue and silver external drives, data cards, pendrives, adaptors – you name it.

The hard disks are locked and cannot be accessed, rendering them unsaleable… I just want my stuff back so I can breathe… This guy has my backups of manuscripts too! One 300 pages deep!

Mainland SVG has its work challenges and I arrived on Bequia, found my favourite coffee spot, drank coffee and had conversations. I placed my computer bag in a “safe place” and this man, allegedly from Vermont, stole it. Furthermore, there is evidence from a witness he showed bits of my equipment to, whilst offering them for sale. This information was given to the police.

I am offering EC$1,000 to anyone giving information to the police resulting in the arrest and conviction of the thief and the return of all the computer-related equipment which was stolen.

My name is being witheld by the publisher for security reasons, but please give any information to the officer in charge of the Central Police Station in Kingstown, or Port Elizabeth, Bequia to claim the reward.