In Memoriam/Acknowledgement
June 28, 2013


Fri June 28, 2013

Sunrise: August 31st, 1931

Sunset: May 27th, 2013

The family of the late

Sheila Joycina Charles

would like to thank all those who visited during her illness,

telephoned, prayed, sent cards, flowers and sympathized
with us during our time of bereavement.

May God continue to bless you all. May her soul rest in peace.

We thank you

Because you cared, you came to share

Beautiful flowers and words of prayer

Because you cared enough to do

Words of comfort or cards came too

You’ve been a comfort and a friend in need

Because you cared, we’re able to bear

The grief and sorrow, there is no despair

Because you cared, we are praying too

That God will abundantly bless each of you

Whatever you did to console our hearts

We thank you so much, whatever the part.

The family of the late

Sheila Joycina Charles