Please advise how to tell my great neighbour to clean up his back yard
Hey Rosie!
October 7, 2022
Please advise how to tell my great neighbour to clean up his back yard

Hey Rosie,

I am having an issue with my neighbour.
We have a great relationship but he looks out for our property when we are away . Our extended families are friends and he’s an all round great guy. However, the one big issue I have is that he keeps his backyard that I can see from my house like a junk yard! Rosie, it is so embarrassing! How can I tell him to clean it up? He has tools, tires, car parts, garbage just lying around and I feel as though it is devaluing my house property . Rosie how can I tell him to clean up his yard without hurting his feelings? This has got to stop!


Dear Junkyard,

This one is a bit sticky. It’s a delicate subject to broach especially since you have such a good relationship with him as well.
I’m not sure how well the straightforward approach would work. He may really think you are trying to insult him ; which we know you aren’t but he may see it that way.
Maybe you can tell him that you are going to do some spring cleaning around your house and the yard and would he like to join you in getting a dumpster to take away the garbage ? Therefore saying to him that you also have things that you would like to clear up.
The bottom line is that you will have to try a very delicate/diplomatic approach when bringing the subject up. In my opinion a great neighbour may out weigh some of their annoying habits . Pick your poison and good luck.


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