Hey Rosie!
July 22, 2022
I am attracted to a younger man who reports to me at work!

Hey Rosie,

I think I’m attracted to a younger guy. He is about 7 years younger than me. I am 28 and he is 21. In fact at my office I met him because he reports to me and that is my difficulty in coming to terms of having any sort of social relationship outside work. Rosie I know he likes me because he has said so from day one. He is very confident, attractive and is going to be very successful one day. It bothers me that he’s so young Rosie, but I think he’s so fine. What can I do?


Hello Confused,

Well if it were up to me and there were no policies in place about supervisors dating their employees I would go for it.
Sometimes we talk ourselves out of our comfort zone. Which sometimes blocks us from having a new and positive experience.
So I am going to basically leave this up to you. Seven years is not a big deal , many people have dated and married someone much older and have been very successful too. Just remember like everything else it will require lots of work to make it work.
Good luck,


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