I feel like I am constantly being overlooked for promotion
Hey Rosie!
July 31, 2020

I feel like I am constantly being overlooked for promotion

Hey Rosie,

I wish I were in a better place professionally, I am constantly struggling financially and I am never recognised at work for all of my ideas and additional work. What should I do?

Should I cut my losses and move on? Or should I talk to my boss again about giving me more responsibilities which could then l lead to a promotion. I just feel I’m being overlooked.


Dear Done, I can hear your frustrations and I understand how it feels that all of your hard and earnest efforts seem to be ignored… but keep the faith and have a plan to move forward.

I say this because sometimes life has a way of nudging us in a whole new direction which opens you to different experiences and people. Sometimes you have to stop and access where you are at the moment. Perhaps you should go back to school?

Maybe there is something that you’ve always wanted to do? Look, this may just be the time and opportunity you needed.

If speaking to your boss and HR regarding your lack of opportunities then it’s time to rewind and come again… you may be missing a new opportunity. I wish you the best … make sure you take your time when making these decisions.


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