Hey Rosie!
January 6, 2017
I really like this girl, but I’m afraid I might lose interest in her

Hey Rosie,

I’m TiTo; I’m 21. My parents got divorced when I was only 12. I’ve stayed with my dad. I’ve never lived with my mom or any female in my life. I’ve dated almost 11 girls.

In the beginning of the relationship it’ll all be nice; after a while I’ll lose interest and find some means of breaking-up with them.

I’ve met this girl that I really like and I’m afraid. I fear I might get fed up with her or treat her like the rest.


Dear Scared,

You have had an interesting perspective growing up with mainly a male influence in your life, which I suspect has given you all of these dating experiences.

Please keep in mind that you are 21 years old and you don’t need to be intensely serious about settling down into a long-term relationship. This is the period in your life that you will start figuring out your likes and dislikes when it comes to a potential mate. I know you didn’t grow up around your mother, but maybe there is a woman that you trust and admire you can ask questions? It doesn’t hurt to reach out either when you are confused or anxious.

I am sure this young lady is a special young woman and this is why you are anxious not to mess up, but relax and enjoy the journey. You have a lot of time ahead of you to be serious and settled with your life partner. Sometimes people forget that dating is an opportunity to learn about another person, gain a new perspective and see if you would like to explore this relationship on a deeper level.

So, be respectful to each other and enjoy what life has to offer.

Good luck !


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