Hey Rosie!
February 21, 2014
I have a crush on this girl and I want her to like me; am desperate

Hey Rosie

I need advice. I’m seriously scared and my heart is racing. I’m in this class and I’m this guy that is ok and isn’t ugly – like Taylor Swift or anything. I’m just good and I just got a new crush on a girl and I want her to like me!! But I think she might like someone else, so I have to win her off!! But then I found out I have to get glasses!! I don’t want her to lose all interest in me!! I was thinking of getting contacts, but if anyone found out, then I’d be so ruined!!!{{more}}

Help me Rosie! Sincerely, Desperate

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Dear Sincerely Desperate,

Let me tell you that it is only your imagination running WILD! You will NOT be ruined; trust me when I tell you this fact!

How we see ourselves is not how others see us; we are our own worse critics and we will rip ourselves apart so harshly – more so than our biggest enemy. So let’s take a deep breath and “CHILLAX” for a minute, okay? Alright, you good? Good, so let’s talk. I think you are trying way too hard and a lot of times girls are more caught up in how mysterious, funny, bright or even kind a boy is. I sense you are a great person, so why not let the real you come through? Stop for a moment about her crushes and who she may like and also about your glasses – small blips on the radar. I want you to focus on YOU.

What makes you special? Is it your smile? Do the ladies think you are kind and not an idiot (or unkind)? Do you have a cool interest or hobby that you can talk about or share with everyone, not just her? Can you imagine how many other people (especially girls) who might want to get to know you as well, but you are so caught up in your world not to see it.

So, my advice is really to fall back and look at yourself through new eyes and realize that you have a lot to bring to the game. Be true to you; that is what is going to be most attractive – hey, you never know; these new glasses may be an exciting new chapter in your life, so embrace it all!

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