Hey Rosie!
February 7, 2014
I’m 12 and everyone in my class is talking about sex

Hey Rosie,

Hi i’m 12 and everybody in my class is talking about sex and other stuff like, they are going out with boys. Me and my best friend we are not that any more. She is the only one in my class that had sex and every one else is looking forward to doing it. I don’t have a boyfriend and I’m getting caught up in all this crazy business, plus a guy asked me out but my mom said I’m too young.{{more}}

Please help me with my life.


School troubles


Dear School troubles,

I know this is a lot that you and your friends are going through, but know that talking about sex even at your young age is very normal.

There is so much peer pressure for a lot things – sex, drugs, sneaking out etc. Doing the right thing is very difficult, so how do you do the right thing and still not feel all this pressure? Well it may require you taking a stand to be different, standing up for what you believe and not following the crowd.

Forget what all your friends “say” that they are doing, some of them are lying to make themselves seem ‘badder’ than they really are, so don’t always be pulled into their drama.

Now about that boy that asked you out, I as a mother am going to go with “no” you are too young. However, if I got to meet my daughter’s friend (a boy) who was in her age group of 12 or 13 and I met and got to know his family; I’d be open to inviting him to family functions that I can have you both supervised and at the same time I’d get to know him. The one on one dating is a no go, you are way too young for that . Ask your mother if she would be open to meeting him, you never know.

Be strong my young friend, don’t get caught up in the peer pressure drama!

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