Hey Rosie!
January 10, 2014
My best friend likes my woman

Hey Rosie,

I’ve been best friends with this guy for over 15 years; since elementary school, Rosie. We even graduated from high school together. Now, we are finishing up college in different states.{{more}}

We make it our business to hang out when we are on break. So, this Thanksgiving, he came to my family’s house and he met my girl. I could tell that he liked her by the way he was talking to her and hugging her every opportunity he could. But I let it slide, because he’s my friend and my girl and I have been dating for over two years and she is good people.

Well, would you believe this guy has been hitting her up by Inbox on Facebook, asking her if she’s happy with me? If she wants to meet up with him? That she can do better! She showed me and I am so pissed!

I haven’t spoken to him in a few weeks and I’ve ignored his calls. I feel like he’s a hypocrite and a snake in the grass! What should I do, because I want to travel down to confront him!


Dear Upset,

Well, this is a hot mess! Yup, you are right about the snake in the grass thing, if it’s the truth about his behaviour.

I, like you, can’t believe how a best friend can betray you like that. There are some major things that are off limits, and your best friend’s partner is high up there!

I must admire your restraint … good for you! Take many deep breaths and decide what is your next step. If you know that your girl isn’t lying (which I think is the truth), then I would write your friend and let him know what you know and how disappointed you are in him. Make it very clear that you need your space from him and that, at this point, you aren’t sure about where your friendship will end up.

You see, when someone shows you their true colours, believe him! As sad as it is, he played his hand early and that might be a gift. Not every friend is in your life for the long haul.

Do not confront him in person. It is NOT worth it!


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