Hey Rosie!
December 6, 2013
In a relationship with this guy who doesn’t like to take me out

Hey Rosie,

I always look forward to your weekly column. I am in a relationship with this guy, but for a few months now, we haven’t gone out on dates. He comes to my house. When I asked why don’t we go out, his answer was that he doesn’t like to. How should I go along with this friendship? We are in our 40s.{{more}}


Hello Concerned,

Thank you so much for following my column, I really do appreciate it.

Now, about your gentleman friend and his not wanting to go out. This definitely has a fishy smell to it. How long have you known this man? Does he have another family? I hope not. Is he just cheap? These are some questions you have to ask yourself.

Then, I would approach him and explain to him that you would like to go out every now and then. At some point, you have to take a stand for yourself; if not, you will start this relationship off with a lie and it only sets you up to become resentful of it.

You should be able to compromise with each other. If he is not willing to meet you halfway, then I would ask you to think about this relationship and where it is headed. Do you want to be stuck in an unhappy place? Or is this just a small glitch and he has greater attributes that can make you overlook this flaw? The choice is yours.


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