Hey Rosie!
October 25, 2013

I am 15 years old, head over heels for a boy who is 17, but he uses girls

Hey Rosie,

I am 15 years old and absolutely head over heels for a boy who is 17. His presence literally gives me goose bumps and he is always on my mind. We have had relations before, but not as far as sex, since I do respect my age and strongly disagree with sex before marriage. He, however, is a very handsome young man and lots of girls tend to look his way. Rosie, this boy is also easily tempered and uses girls a lot.{{more}} I know I should keep my distance and focus on my school work, but for some reason I can’t get him off my mind and, trust me, I’ve tried in the past.

My friends keep warning me to stay away from him and so have his friends, but he acts so different around me and I can’t keep mad at him. In the past, he has cheated on his spouse for me and I did try to push him away. He will randomly stop talking to me when he feels like and he is not consistent in anything. And Rosie, he has lied to me in the past and I can guarantee that he’ll do it again and some of his friends, as usual, will make a mockery of it and this makes me very angry and also builds up the fact that I am very disappointed that he would do that and make me feel less than the person that I am. Please tell me what to do.

Respectfully yours,

Unsure Lover

Dear Unsure Lover,

What? Did you say “spouse?’” He’s 17 and married or is that your term for his main chick? Then, you are 15 and caught up in this web of madness? Say it isn’t so?

Girl, why do you like him? You seem to have a lot going on for yourself not to be caught up with this Casanova/Player. You are smitten by his strong charisma and good looks, but this isn’t enough to be caught up in this drama. He has a way it seems of playing mind games, lying, being petty by not talking to you when he feels like and he’s a cheater? I can safely say that you should walk away from this guy. Trust me on that one!

Do not be mocked and never put yourself in these positions to be hurt like this. You are going to be a great and successful woman, one who doesn’t need to be held back by any crap! When someone makes you feel inadequate or sad, that is a strong indication that this person should NOT be in your life! You are so close to going out into the real world and meeting new and deserving people that this one “pretty bad boy” shouldn’t stop you from shining and becoming the real star that you are going to be.


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