Hey Rosie!
October 4, 2013

I tried to overdose; I also tried to hang myself – Rosie, help me

Hey Rosie

I am a young lady who still goes to secondary school. My life here is at stake. One time, I tried committing suicide by trying to overdose and hanging myself. I did this because I was fed up of how my brother and sister won’t help me do anything, and it is difficult for me. What must I do, Rosie?{{more}}

Need Your Assistance.

Dear Need Your Assistance,

You are a survivor! Do not allow yourself to be beaten mentally; you can definitely push past this very hard stumbling block. Killing yourself is NEVER the answer! NEVER! It is very unfortunate that you have to go through this type of bullying from your siblings, but I PROMISE you, this too shall pass.

You need a confidante or someone to talk to? Can you go to Marion House? I think that may be a good step for you. Please understand that you can release this burden to someone who can help you see your life from another perspective. You are not alone, my young friend. I am happy that you reached out to me, and I am praying that you can see that you are loved and wanted.

I am just curious. What is the deal with your parents? Are they aware of what is going on? If so, are they turning a blind eye to this nonsense? Then, how about a godmother, grandmother or even older cousin that you can confide in and then they can advocate for you? Let me share this website that can be good for you to reach out and vent at: www.samaritanshope.org/teen-helpline.html. I want you to have faith and know that you will be a strong and successful woman one day and realize that you are here for a reason.

I am pulling for you my young sister friend.


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