Hey Rosie!
September 27, 2013

I am 12; my 14-year-old boyfriend wants us to have sex. What should I do?

Hey Rosie,

I’m 12 and my boyfriend is 14. We have been going out for about nine months. Everything was great until last month, when he wanted us to have sex. Rosie I said no and he said I should prove to him how committed I am to the relationship. If not, he’ll know my answer and will have to move on to a more mature partner. What should I do, Rosie? I don’t want to lose him! Help me please.{{more}}

Forcing me

Dear Forcing me,

Girl, girl, girl! You are a smart little young lady. Your KNOW your worth and I’m going to encourage you to stick to your grounds … It’s NO!

He wants a more mature partner? Please!! You are 12 and a child and he’s also a child of 14! What kind of mature he’s looking for? A working woman? Again… Please! All that chat is to make you feel bad and don’t fall for it – EVER!

Could you imagine if you gave in, got pregnant or even worse, a disease? Oh no, miss, we aren’t having any of that. The thing is take a look at him and see if this is somebody whom you even consider a friend. Maybe parting ways may not be the worst thing. Remember if other people are doing it, that doesn’t make it right. So, stand strong, sister girl. You will go far!


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