Hey Rosie!
September 13, 2013

My older, married lover does not want to leave her husband!

Hey Rosie,

I am a 24-year-old guy who is in love with an older married woman. We have been having this secret affair for over a year now and I am forcing her to make a choice. Either me or her husband. Rosie, she is afraid and said no. She says she has too much to lose; she has two children with him and a business as well. But when we are together, she is so happy. We even get to meet out of the country due to her travelling for her business. She buys me stuff, trips and tells me she loves me a lot, but she still wouldn’t leave him! He doesn’t treat her right, Rosie, and takes her for granted. He is also more than 20 years older than her and rich. I want to confront him and tell him that I want her, but she and my close friends are begging me to not do it. What am I to do, Rosie? She is all that I want and she wouldn’t leave him.{{more}}


Dear Desperate,

Well, wow and wow again! My friend, you are in a deep, deep love triangle and this is so dangerous, it’s not funny. Ok, I am trying to address this letter to the best of my ability, but it is so out there, that I am trying to get my thoughts together…so here goes:

You are 24 and in love with an older woman – okay, this in itself explains a lot, because you are being exposed and taught many “exciting” things that you may not get from a woman your age. But to mistake your ecstasy for love is a HUGE mistake.

Then, to take this situation even further, you are seeing an older MARRIED woman, with children. This is NOT good at all! Not only is the affair wrong to begin with, you and this woman are playing with certain fire. This will not end well! Are you thinking about her family? Her children? Much less her husband? I know you aren’t. This situation is purely sexual and also it’s about what you can also get from her as well, to be honest.

To top this whole sordid mess off, you want to confront her husband? Have you lost your mind of two decades and four years? What exactly do you think you are going to tell her husband? “I love your wife and I want to be with her,” then he will say, “Oh yes, go ahead, I will not stand in your way?” No, you will get a solid beat down, that’s what you will get!

Young man, walk away, while you can. This woman will never leave her husband, children and life that she has built for herself. No sir, she will not. You are her boy toy, so sorry to let you know, but you are. With you pushing to expose this relationship, I am actually concerned for your safety. Again, stop this madness; please and stop it now! Re-direct your energies to something else in terms of your career, or furthering your education and later on finding someone who is free to be with you. This is morally wrong and it will only hurt everyone involved.


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