Hey Rosie!
July 26, 2013

Why are they working against us?

Hey Rosie,

I don’t like my man’s family. Every chance they get, they want to tear me down and bad talk me. Rosie we are both in Community College and are both doing well in school. Why are they working against us like this, Rosie? I think because they think that my family doesn’t have enough money, that I am not good enough for him, or may want to use him. But I have my own plans to go to school to become an engineer. It’s so bad that if we are talking on the phone, they would say nasty stuff in the background that I can hear. I have known him for about four years and we are the same age and have been friends through it all.{{more}} But I don’t feel like being bothered anymore, because they are now talking about my mom, who is a single mother and works very hard to support us. Should I give this up? He doesn’t want to and he isn’t like them at all.

Go or Stay

Dear Go or Stay,

It isn’t often that I can respond to a young woman whose head is put squarely on like you. You have clearly stated what the problem is and why you find it difficult to continue with this relationship. However, on the other hand it seems as though your boyfriend is also your friend and it would be a shame to turn your back on someone who is just that.

It is total ignorance on the part of his parents to put you and your family (mother) down because of your financial situation. You know sometimes it’s because they lack any sensitivity, or class for that matter. Anyway, at the end of the day, it’s totally your choice.

You are well on the road to success and there are people who will try to derail you, but keep your head high and show them who you are – and that is a woman of substance. Personally, I would continue dating this boy, because for some reason I like him and one day his misguided family will have to acknowledge their petty error in judgment! I applaud and encourage you on, young sister! By the way, you mother has done an EXCELLENT job raising you!


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