Hey Rosie!
July 5, 2013

My boyfriend wants a baby; I am not ready

Hey Rosie,

I must first comment by saying that you’re doing such a wonderful job with the advice you give to people, I can’t do without reading that section of the newspaper each week. I’m writing to you because I have a little problem that keeps me thinking a lot. I am an 18-year-old young lady, who is in college working towards a degree.{{more}}
I’ve been with my boyfriend, who is two years older than I, for over three years now. We both love each other so much and promise to always be faithful, stand by each other and always be there when we need each other, because we are working towards a bright future that is right ahead of us.

But, Rosie, my problem is my boyfriend wants a baby and he’s serious about this. When he asked me to have his baby, we talked about it and then I suddenly said yes.

But, although I told him yes, I’m still unsure if I’m ready for a baby, because I’m still working towards my degree and not working as yet, to help maintain ourselves and our baby financially, although he’s working. I love babies, Rosie, I must admit. I’m great with them and I’ve always thought of having my own soon. But still, I’m reaching out to you for your response. Am I making the right step here? I love my boyfriend and I am willing to do anything for him, because I want us to be happy, but I don’t know if I’m making the right step. Please help me out. God bless.


Dear Thinking,

Thank God you ARE a thinker! You know in your gut that you aren’t ready for this huge step! Girl don’t do it! Nooooooo please don’t do it!

You are 18, obviously very intelligent, goal driven, with a bright future ahead of you. You are pursuing your degree and in a few short years, you will be reaping the benefits from all this hard work.

Imagine a poor innocent baby in the mix. School will be put on the back burner, you will have to work – your boyfriend as well. You should be financially independent, no parents involved, because they didn’t ask to be a part of this plan. Then, you have to put this child and its future needs ahead of yours. Where is the time for you and your bright future? Well, it will be suspended for a while. Is this what you really want?

Let me not start about how the arrival of a little one puts a massive strain on a relationship and more often than not it doesn’t survive. Girl, Rosie again says “NO”!

Finish school; reason with your Boo why you want to wait until you are in a much more secure point in your life. If he gives you a lot of pressure and push back – maybe you should be reconsidering if HE wants the best for you?

Do the right thing and keep striving for the best.


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