Hey Rosie!
June 28, 2013

You are swimming in some deep waters, lil sis!

Hey Rosie,

I am a mature 13-year-old and I am in a serious relationship with my hunny for almost a year. Rosie, I want to tell my parents, but he’s 18 and in college. Rosie, he’s my one and only and I’m thinking about sleeping with him. I held out because I was afraid too, but I feel safe with him. What to do?{{more}}

All the way in

Dear All the way in,

Please, please, please come back! You are swimming in some deep waters, lil sis! No, Rosie is really begging you to just think for a minute.

I can tell you are mature for your age and the fact that you waited says a lot about you and also him. But I still think it’s too risky. You are still so young and you know you may change your mind again about having sex in the near future.

Don’t forget sex can lead to an unplanned pregnancy, diseases such as HIV and many others. Why not go to a family planning clinic, a counsellor or someone you trust?

Finally, please tell your parents about your boyfriend. I know as a parent I would want to know who my daughter was daydreaming about. Maybe you can have someone you trust be there with you while you break the news.

I’m saying slow down. Think, think some more and finally think HARD.

I believe you’ll make the smartest choice for you.


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