Hey Rosie!
March 22, 2013
I don’t want to make the same mistake twice

Hey Rosie,

I recently came back to my homeland SVG. When I was overseas, I made a lot of mistakes, and I have learnt from them.I have been with this boy for a little over a year. He has taken me to his home to meet his mother. His family adores me. We are both Christian churchgoers.{{more}}

We have, however, recently taken a break, because of some things that were said; but now I want to give him a second chance, but the problem is that I’m crushing and liming with another boy whom I see every day.

Keep in mind my (previous) boyfriend is not in school. I am in school, but the guy I’m recently crushing on goes to the school next door. Whom should I choose? I don’t want to make the same mistake twice.

Forever Wondering

Dear Forever Wondering,

So that I am clear, you are back in SVG and you are in school still? I am happy to hear that you have also learnt from your mistakes in the past. Most of us tend to repeat the same experiences again and again.

My answer to you today is very simple: why do you have to choose at this point in your life? With everything that you have to go through on an everyday basis: school, parents/family, to mention a few, why can’t you be a regular teenager and just hang out with your friends (girl or guy)? Be very up front with everyone about what it is you want at this point in your life and just date?

I know many of you are like: “Is she for real?” Yes, I am. This is the perfect time without pressure to observe different personalities of the opposite sex. It allows you the opportunity to walk away from toxic people, without the heavy commitment added to the mix.

So, if you have a crush on this boy, hang out, be smart, and don’t sleep with him. Get to know him; become his friend first. Also, the same goes for your orginal boyfriend as well. The trick is to be on the up and up with everyone, so no one feels as though they are being played. Be young, my friend; you don’t have to be tied down at this stage in your life.


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