Hey Rosie!
February 10, 2012
People don’t want to see us together

Hey Rosie

I recently finished High School and I have just finshed college. I have been in a relationship with my boyfirend for one year and 6 months now. I really do love him and everything, but I am being stressed out because the people in the community don’t want to see us together.{{more}}

I know I am young and intelligent. We are around each other all the time, and we have fun times together. When I am around him, I feel so happy, but I don’t know why they don’t want us to be together. He does everything for me. He also used to send me to school and buy what I wanted for school.

But I told him that I am going away for a while, and come back, just to relax myself. I really do love him and I know he loves me the same.

What must I do? Must I continue to love him and let the relationship grow?

Miss In Love

Dear Miss in Love,

I feel as though there are some big chunks of information that are missing from this letter. I understand that you love your boyfriend, you’ve been going out for 18 months and you enjoy his company. However, what is it about this relationship that’s causing everyone to be in your business? Is it that he’s OLDER than you? Does he have a questionable social life? Are your parents/guardians not happy with this relationship? Does he have another woman or family? You are not telling me something here. I can feel it.

If he is good to you, respectful, wants you to grow as an individual and also grow together as a couple, I would say you have the beginnings of a very wonderful and potentially worthwhile relationship. Now that’s if this is really the truth. We as women can lie to even ourselves when we are going through many trials behind closed doors. If this is the case, be real and do the right thing.

However, if there is something that is not right and your community and maybe family are trying to tell you the same thing, then maybe you should listen. I am also a little confused as well because you said you are going to go away for a while? Why is that? It goes back to my first question? What is really missing from your letter? If a young couple is dating, then all this other drama isn’t normally involved. The bottom line only you can be real with yourself. If your boyfriend is an honorable guy, then I wish you well. But if you know in your heart that all isn’t right, please step aside and think with your head and make the right choices for YOUR future. You are much too young, with so many great possibilities that lie ahead for you. Be smart, honest with yourself and safe.


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