Hey Rosie!
December 30, 2011
Aren’t there any normal women out there?

Hi Rosie,

I am a 40-year-old single guy who is ready to settle down. I’ve done the education thing, I’ve got a career and a very decent position, and I can also say that I am an attractive guy without the baggage of kids. Most of my friends have already settled down with one or two kids. So everytime I go to hang out with them, I’m the “single” guy their wives are trying to “hook up”.{{more}}

Rosie, all the women I am meeting come to me with the “what can you do for me” attitude. I’m like: what are you bringing to the table? It’s either they have kids, so there is a baby father drama there; or they are not goal oriented enough, so they are looking for someone to take care of them, and the other type is the one who can do it all! Man, isn’t there a normal woman out there, Rosie?

What happened to a real down to earth, spontaneous, funny, goal oriented, no children type of young woman? I am actually thinking about going to a dating site for help. I figured before I do that and waste some good money and meet some more “winners”, I would ask you. I know you LOVE to tell it like it is! So go for it, why can’t I find Mrs Right?

Looking for the one.

Dear Looking for the one,

Hahaha, you are a very funny man. I tell it like it is because it’s an advice column…Lord, give me strength this week! So, Mr. Right, Mrs. Right is not showing up, huh? I am shocked! On paper you sound so good. I almost wanted to duplicate and package you…almost.

You see, my friend, when you read between the lines, I can tell that you have some of your own baggage that you are bringing to the table as well. Granted, I agree with you; who wants to have a gold digger, or someone who is just looking for the next free ride? We all should have our own unique qualities to balance our potential mates. But I sense a strong level of ‘attitude’ on your end. I know you think you are the cat’s meow. Remember, you are an attractive man without the “baggage of kids”? Not the nicest of statements. Somehow I think you may have put that out there a few times. Even if you feel it, don’t say it. It’s very hurtful.

Then, I can see that you have had a couple of situations with either strong willed women or a few baby fathers. This is the new era that we live in. Keep in mind the same way that you are feeling out a woman in the first 2-5 minutes, they are doing the same, and perhaps they are turned off slightly by your arrogance? Yes, I did say arrogance. No one gets to 40, having done as well as you have in your career etc., without some type of attitude. So the bottom line is that before you go out to look for love, look at yourself first, Your problem may very well lie within. Your inability to compromise and the thought that there is a perfect woman out there from the onset lets me know that you are far off your mark.

What makes a perfect partner? First off, no one is perfect. However, if you find someone who picks up where you leave off, who embraces your flaws and loves you nonetheless and can carry you when you can’t go any further, that’s a solid start. Good luck, Mr. Right.

All the best in 2012,


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